Virat Kohli MS Dhoni: ‘I was considered as a failed captain’, Virat Kohli on not winning ICC trophies

 Last one year has been really tough for Virat Kohli professionally and mentally. After giving up the captaincy in T20 international Virat Kohli was forced to leave the ODI captaincy. Later Virat Kohli also left the Test Captaincy just before the South Africa test series. It was really disturbing for someone like Virat Kohli to accept that a person who has never had any bad intention, will be left alone by the selectors. Virat was alone, the only person who came talked to virat in this bad time was MS Dhoni.

Virat Kohli with MS Dhoni CricBrunch
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In Recent interview with RCB Podcast Virat Kohli mentioned about Ms Dhoni. MS Dhoni texted him, ” When you are expected to be strong and look at a strong individual, people forget to ask you, how you are doing” This line kind of struck in Virat Kohli mind.

 Virat Kohli in the interview talked about his life, how as a individual he has grown in this Period, the touch faces, the tougher tour of England. Making comeback in the side after horrible test Debut, His life and his family.

Virat Kohli at RCB PODCAST CricBrunch
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In the interview he talked about how people considers him as failed captain. Not winning the icc trophies. People only talks about ICC trophies they don’t look at how a team culture is build over a period of time. The transformation in terms of how an individual brings changes to how people look at the game.

His Test Debut

Virat Kohli started talking about his test debut in 2011 how the things didn’t went well for him, He was dropped from the test team, he made comeback later in the year and scored some runs. Then came the Australia tour of 2012 when everyone failed virat kohli talked about how he felt individually how he kept himself away from the team atmosphere and thought from an individual perspective how he can do better for the team and translate the energy. Virat Kohli scored a fifty in the tough wicket of Perth and was the top scorer for the team and in the next match he scored a hundred at Adelaide.

He talked about he was seen as someone who will carry forward MS Dhoni legacy so he was made the Vice Captain of the team.

Some seniors were their in the team but virat kohli was chosen as the vice captain.

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2014 England Test Tour

He started talking about how he felt before the Test tour. He kind of developed a feeling that he need to prove everyone that He belongs there he can conquer every conditions. This proved fatal and a sense of burden was imposed on himself, as he talked about. Putting pressure on himself was his biggest mistake virat kohli added. He failed in every match and can’t get over that series.

Virat Kohli in test cricket scored runs in every part of the World but that failure of England tour was on everyone’s mind. People only talked what about England tour.

Virat Kohli nervousness before facing James Anderson 

In 2018 Virat went as captain and he shared about his experience of facing Jimmy Anderson again. The crowd booed at him he was dropped on 22 later went on to score 149 runs in the first test match. He went on to score many hundred and conquered the English conditions.

While all this he also shared some funny incident incident of flight where someone tried to teach kohli and Dhoni about the batting later kohli also gave him some advice of not to expecting something big every time you got to give respect to Person Job as well.

MS dhoni usually doesn’t pick anyone’s call. He don’t put his phone with himself and 99 percent chances are there if you call him he won’t pick the phone.

After all this people only  considers virat kohli as failed captain as he didn’t won any ICC trophy for the country. Virat reminded that he has won 2011 world cup and 2013 champions trophy as a player. 

As a captain india played champions trophy final 2017, Worldcup semifinal 2019 , World test championship final and 5 time test mace.

Virat Kohli is the one how people started seeing Test cricket now. He fueled the passion in people about Test cricket. He mad the format a interesting one. He fueled the energy It won’t be wrong if we say Test cricket in india peaked Under Virat Kohli.

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